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DKS News

DKS News

The DKS News magazine is one of the special features of the Samajam.

The Management of the Samajam has a regular and effective contact with the members, inform members about the day-to-day activities of the Samajam and the education institution through the DKS News magazine. The news magazine is bimonthly, which reaches out to members even outside Bangalore. The Samajam considers it a sacred duty to send out greetings and condolence through this news magazine to its members.

This home magazine also conducts literary competitions at the All India level in short story and poetry sections

Youth Wing

To make the Samajam’s activities an ongoing process the Youth wing has been formed. The second line of defence is ready. It was inaugurated by Sri.Murali the popular Malayalam hero in the year 1996. Conducting seminars on the burning topics of the day, blood donation programmes, Yuvotsava are the one side of this coin.

The other side is that they are consulted and considered on the administrative aspects of Kerala Samajam Dooravaninagar in General to prepare them to undertake the management in the days to come.

Ladies Wing

DKS News

A Dream comes true………

………but for the rock of support-silent and an under current, the dream child - the Samajam itself would have remained a castle in the air. None can deny the credit which is due to the wives of the members of the Samajam.

Now under the banner of DKS Ladies Wing they have come to the forefront in organizing literary classes for the illiterate, tailoring classes for self employment, social activities like periodical get-togethers to know about the welfare of the families and sports and games.


Monthly Literary Discussion

We give utmost importance to our Mother Tongue Malayalam and to carry forward the rich traditions of Malayalam literature and art forms to the present and future generation we organize monthly literary discussion. 

Samajam organize Malayalam literary discussion every month in order to involve everyone around us to the height and depth of Malayalm literature and its impact on society.

Classical Dance and Music Classes

The Samajam organizes for the students who are interested in the dance classes both the classical and folk dances. They exhibit their talents at the cultural meets organized by the Samajam.

The classical (Vocal) music classes are also held by the Samajam for children who are interested in the classical music.

Karate Classes

The Samajam has realised the necessity of saving the young from the physical harm done in this ever growing world of `Survival of the fittest’. The youngsters who join these classes learn to be self disciplined and still keep their flags high without succumbing to the onslaught of the animal show of strength in the world outside. Girls and boys alike join the Karate Classes.